Thursday, 25 August 2011

Fashion: Serving Society

Sounds unrealistic? Wondering, how could fashion serve our society in any way apart from providing newer designs of clothes? Well, quite unheard of till now, but is definitely true with Enjay Boutique TM doing a lot of good deeds for several causes that our society is fighting with all over the world, domestic violence and sexually abused victims, to name a few.
 Started with providing chances to females as upcoming models, make-up artists and fashion designers in the USA and preparing students with the understanding of importance of professional dress-ups in different industries and its affect on one’s career growth, Enjay Boutique has come a long way, organizing events to spread awareness and raising funds for causes like domestic abuse and violence.
Since its inception in March 2010, Natalie Johnson, the owner of Enjay Boutique has tied up with a lot of other like-minded people and companies to help different causes worldwide like Compassion Fashion Project and with every trunk show, fashion show Natalie makes sure to have a minimum of $10 per article sold to be sent to different NGOs across the USA.
A few achievements of Enjay Boutique
May 2011 - Enjay Boutique hosted a fashion show fundraiser to raise awareness and donations towards supporting Houston Area Women's Center and their fight against sexual abuse and domestic violence.

March - Enjay Boutique had a wonderful time supporting the fight against breast cancer at the Diamonds & Pearls Fashion Explosion.

Natalie Johnson, with Enjay Boutique has proved that it does not matter what profession you are in, it doesn’t matter if you aren’t an employee of an NGO and it certainly doesn’t matter if you have a busy life of a corporate executive or an entrepreneur, you can still make all the difference and can contribute to society and help the causes you want to. All you need is a caring heart and willingness to do good for others.

Modeling Tips

You might not be entirely correct if you think that only a good looking face or an exceptionally great body can get you a modeling assignment. It is not something you can only be born with. They say that, to walk on the ramp is an art, which can be mastered.
Let’s put it in simpler terms for you, it’s not a talent one is born with rather it’s a skill which can be acquired and developed with time and with a lot of practice. People who wish to walk the ramp should first of all watch all supermodels walk on the ramp. TV shows, Internet can help you get hold of even some of the exclusive ramp events. The idea is to fill yourself with the information on how all the body movements, facial expressions, eye movements work and try to differentiate walk style patterns among the top models of the show.
One would never become a model only by mere watching others do it. You will finally have to put your feet down on the ramp and before you do so, practice is what will help you. In fact, the observation, and implementation of what you see should go hand in hand. You cannot watch thousands of fashion shows with millions of models walking the ramp and then after a few months of watching it, go and practice it.
You have to do the observation, grasping of information and practicing at the same time. For an example, watching models walk on ramp for an hour a day is enough to begin with and then trying to apply what you have learned in your walk, go back to learning the next day and implementation of what you keep learning will get you improvements in your walk.
You might want to ask that why doesn’t everybody succeed? Well, a lot of reasons, but let’s talk about the one that affect most. Have you ever learned to play an instrument? Or have you tried to learn any other form of art? Cause if you have, you might know where all this is going, but for people who have not, please be informed that just like any other art acquiring a new skill and then mastering it isn’t a one day process and you may find it boring or tiring for a few days initially. It may be time consuming, a few weeks, a few months may be, but people who do get it are the ones who never quit.
Do you remember the famous quote from a Hollywood film Seabiscuit. “It’s not in his feet Georgey, It’s in his heart”, So, Have the heart, courage and the confidence of a supermodel and be ready to face millions, looking right at you, cheering for you and the way you look.
Enjay Boutique can help you start your modeling career or give a boost up if you are already an established model. Watch out for the next Model Casting event by Enjay Boutique.